1. Excellent video! You’ve hit the nail on the head. In today’s market, your best chance at really succeeding is work on a sub-sub-sub-niche. One that really stands out and puts you in front of the line. I still feed my original site and feel that I’m helping folks along the way, but I am constantly reviewing the market and search engines to find that unique niche that will put me in the forefront. I have a couple in the works now! Keep up the info, John and I’ll be back!

    • admin

      Awesome to hear Grant, constant tweaking and improvement is essential to stay ahead of the pack for sure!
      Thanks for your feedback and comment šŸ™‚

  2. Dustin

    Thanks for the information John. I’ve got a question regarding the niche I chose, and how to monetize my site while I’m waiting to build my audience long enough to get approved the affiliate programs related to my niche.

    My niche is credit card sign up bonuses to enable you to travel virtually for free. The credit card affiliate programs are pretty lucratively, so Iā€™m really excited about this opportunity. However, most banks require a high level of traffic before you can get accepted. Iā€™m fine with waiting, but Iā€™d like to do something to monetize my site in the mean time. However, I feel weird posting links to pay for expensive travel products, when all the content of my website is focused on how to travel for free. Seems like a bait and switch.

    Do you have any thoughts on how to proceed in this situation?

    • admin

      Wow, you have me thinking on this one!

      If your site is travelling for free, then you are right that it is a bit of a “bait and switch” to then send them to some expensive travel products.

      Somehow you have to tie in your content to the travel packages so that it’s then relevant when they click on the link.

      I wouldn’t send them there blindly, at the end of your article I would try something like “while travelling for free is great, sometimes you just have to do things in style, check out this special package deal”

      Play around with a few things like that.

      You will have a much greater chance of success than sending them blindly and won’t risk alienating your readers.

      Hope this helps šŸ™‚

  3. Stephen

    Hello John,
    Your video was great, very informative, indeed, the internet marketing today can be compared to a Red Ocean, having so many competitors who are out there competing with you for the same keyword and niche.

    But you have taught me today that choosing the right niche, that is breaking my niche into a sub-niche can help me create a Blue Ocean, which in turn can make me stand out among all my competitors, thereby leading to a total financial freedom. for sure your video was helpful. I love it.

    Thanks a lot for this great video, from now going, I will worked on choosing a niche that can help me get out of the Red Ocean and rather create a Blue Ocean.

    • admin

      Awesome Stephen, glad that it helped you out!

      You are right, the internet marketing space in general is a bit of a shark-infested red ocean, but there are plenty of opportunities to find a blue ocean if you just think out side the box a bit!

      Thanks for commenting šŸ™‚

  4. Hi John, I really like the page and enjoyed the video and the sign in form to get the 7 Steps to Financial Freedom is also a nice idea. The Wealthy Affiliate courses are great and teach us so much that as we grow, we qualify for many online income opportunities that we might not have known about when we first started. I like the name Financial Freedom Warrior too. I wish you the very best success and a great future.

  5. Robert

    Hi John, Thanks for your informative and thoughtful article. You are absolutely right about finding a sub, sub, sub niche (your blue ocean).

    I’ve been working on a website with all-around health tips. The topic is very broad but I wanted to try and reach as many people as possible. What do you think about the topic?

    I am going to start working on my blue ocean while I continue to add content and update my current site. Thanks for sharing this great information. I’ll be back!

    • admin

      Hey Robert, there is nothing wrong with all-around health tips, but somehow you have to carve your own blue ocean into that niche.

      That’s where you can really look at how you can offer your readers a different take on your topic.

      It’s not so much in finding your blue ocean, but creating it!

      Best of luck šŸ™‚

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