1. Eric Chen

    Hello John,

    I was searching for ways to make money on google and I stumbled upon your website.

    I am new to online marketing and there are lots of get rich quick schemes out there. I like the idea of using information as a selling point. In terms of selling information, are you talking about reviews to a product and selling it through affiliates?

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I will most definitely recommend some friends to check it out as well!

    Kind Regards,

    • John Newman

      Hi Eric, writing reviews to products and selling it via products is one type of information, but what you are referring to here is known as affiliate marketing, where you are promoting and marketing other people’s products and making a commission on the sale.

      What I am talking about is creating your very own information products, either text based, such as eBooks, audio products or online video courses.

      By developing your own information products you are creating you own assets that you can sell over and over and keep 100% of the profits.

      Promoting and selling affiliate products is all well and good, but if you really want to scale your business for the long-term, then you will eventually want to create your own information products!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Karis

    A real eye-opener John! I loved the video, very engaging to listen to and a lot of solid points about information products and making money from them. You’d make a terrific coach :)! I’ve always had the fear of “not being an expert in my field” so I really appreciated how you addressed the idea of just knowing a little more than they do.

  3. Joshua

    This is an excellent video! I also really like your presentation style, it kept me well engaged.

    I read an awesome book by Russell Brunson called Expert Secrets recently. He also spoke of only needing to learn more than another person to be considered an expert. There was a fear-barrier I had to push through to feel confident about this, but I’m pleased to be building my own site in my chosen subject.

    I want to sell info products in the near-future, but my main priority is building my email list first. Do you have any tips on how I can do this best (paid ads, lead magnets, SEO on my content)? Thanks very much!

    • John Newman

      Thanks Joshua, Experts Secrets is a must read for any online marketer or business owner actually, I highly recommend checking it out!

      As for building your list, you definitely want to create a high value lead magnet that will attract your dream customer, then you can use SEO and paid ads such as solo ads and FB ads to bring in the leads.

      Good luck 🙂

  4. ILMI

    Dear John,
    Like you said: it has to be online!
    I am a newbie on marketing online business and I agree with you that in this information era, you could find almost anything online now.
    Everybody that has internet connection tends to find information online or double checked it via internet.
    What i’m trying to say is people need product reviews and information regarding the product.
    Well, by provide the details of the products online is not just the best way, it is more efficient as well.

    • John Newman

      People are always searching for information online ILMI, that’s why learning how to package and sell that information is an essential skill to learn both now, and into the future!

      Thanks for commenting!

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