1. Tyler Redlev

    You’re right! Starting an online business is REALLY hard. It’s not for everyone and probably 90% of starters will quit because of frustration.

    As a starter you won’t be earning any money for onths and probably won’t earn a DECENT income for years, but it’s all about not giving up and developing yourself. Learning and applying and creating time for it and NEVER GIVING UP. Successfull internet marketers I know have earned their lifestyle after YEARS OF HARD WORK. And learning time management is one of the important tasks to accomplish.

  2. Hello, John and happy new year. Your so right with what you said, many make excuses but the truth of the matter is anything worthwhile requires a lot of hard work and time, this is how the road to success is paved but we can set time apart each day no matter how small over time success will be ours. It is all a matter of using our time wisely.

  3. Jen

    We are all struggling with trying to find more time in the day. Although I agree for most of us, we aren’t structuring our days to make the most of the time we have.

    I think writing out 3 tasks every day is a great way to start your day and get it off to a great start. All of the quadrants are key to maintaining productivity in your life, as well as a happy, grateful life.

    I love the simplicity of this strategy… now it’s just putting it in to action on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing!

  4. jon

    Hi John. Nice article on productivity. A lot of people remain unproductive due to not prioritizing their day to day tasks. And this can cripple your business.
    Especially with the home type of business, and being your own boss really scheduling your tasks is essential. You measure productivity with the tasks accomplished per day.

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